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red gone wrong

it takes years of practice to fuck up this good

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Birthdate:Nov 25
I write things.


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a two man con, adam ross is magic, aiden burn, alec hardison, an evil fucking room, aphra behn, archie goodwin, archie goodwin's fedoras, art in the age of mechanical reproducability, awesometasticity, bad scifi movies, batman, bender is great!, billy collins, bizarre musical interludes, booster gold! secret savior of the multiverse, botanical gardens, bruce springsteen, buddhism, character dynamics, chili mango, coat fetishes, comics (the funnypages kind), comics (the graphicnovel kind), confidence artistry, couch looks better on fire, crack cliches done right, crispus allen, crossgenre perversity, dancing rodney hands, danny messer, disapproving bunnehs, doctor who, don flack, e.e.cummings, earl hickey's list, edith wharton, eleventy billion, embracing your badassitude, emotional aphasia, evil genius bastard, farscape, fashion as semiotics, fellowsoldiers ethos, folk tales, fortean phenomena, freedom of art, freedom of narrative, freedom of speech, futurama, gary sinise, gay marriage, geeks with guns, genrefuck warriors, ghost stories, gina bellman, gotham city police department, group hi-fives, headslaps of affection, hilarious euphemisms, hill harper, i say we party, i'm blue without you, ineffible flackness of being, interpellation, ironic appreciation, joe flanigan, john sheppard's wristband, johnny cash, karma, leverage, live venomous cargo, mac and danny's little demon assbaby, mac taylor's weapons fetish, make it work, martha jones, melina kanakaredes, minding your breathing, miskatonic university, mst3k: play at home!, murder ballads, narrative, nathan ford, nathan ford's issues, nathaniel hawthorne, ncis, necromancers, neil gaiman, nero wolfe, new paradigms of romance, oh honey no, orange soda, polyamorous caffeine, polymorphic perversity, presse ne pas avaler, queerness, red dwarf, renee montoya, revenge and its limits, rio bravo, rodney mckay, sasha bordeaux, school of rock, sci-fi ate my brain, sentient hair, sex pollen, sexy scientists, sheldon hawkes, sheldon hawkes: how are you so awesome?, shoes, sid hammerback's creepy place, skaro institute of extermination, sophie devereaux, sophie's shoe "problem", spiders, stealth character development, stella bonasera, stickfighting, subtext, surprise naked daniel craig, tarot, tea, ted hughes, ted kord, that's alot of look, the badger game, the dark ale family, the man in black, the oncoming storm, the practice of everyday-life, the procedural is a ghost story, theodor adorno: american idol, thigh holsters, thoughtful threesomes, tim gunn: my hero, timothy hutton, timothy mcgee, tony dinozzo, tori amos, transformative art, trees are pretty, trogdor the burninator, underground bunkers, wank is the devil, westerns, why god created netflix, willa cather, william carlos williams, ziva david, zorak
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